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Through the years we have done our best to create the best quality and service in the healthcare industry. We are deeply grateful to be among the Nordic Region’s largest supplier of healthcare staff.

The story behind POWERCARE Recruitment

The POWERCARE Recruitment journey started in 2009 when POWERDOC was established as a sister company to POWERCARE Inc.

POWERDOC quickly became a success and the demand for Danish and Nordic Medical Doctors for temporary and permanent positions increased rapidly.

We started off in Denmark and the rest of the Nordic countries. Shortly after we expanded to Australia, Dubai, and the rest of the United Arab Emirates.

Due to our clients satisfaction with our Danish Medical Doctors, the demand for other highly qualified healthcare groups increased, such as Midwives, Nurses and Clinical Nurse Specialists. These groups we already had in our database, working for POWERCARE Inc. in the Northern Region.

With the inclusion of new healthcare groups for long-term and permanent positions, POWERCARE Recruitment became a reality.

At POWERCARE Recruitment we combine the needs from our clients with our Nordic healthcare staff’s  ambition to work abroad.

Welcome to POWERCARE Recruitment.

We are dedicated to our profession. Quality, ethics, and morality are at the core of our business. And it is the reason our clients keep coming back
Karin Lidang
Karin Lidang
Head of Business Development
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