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Recruitment for permanent and temporary positions in healthcare
About POWERCARE Recruitment
About POWERCARE Recruitment

POWERCARE Recruitment is your preferred healthcare partner.

POWERCARE Recruitment are a highly specialized recruitment company within the healthcare industry. Whether you are looking for a new candidate or are in search for a new position, POWERCARE Recruitment is the suitable and safe choice. One of the most trusted Scandinavian recruitment companies focusing on Medical Doctors, Nurses and Midwives.

What we do

Scandinavian quality, care, and expertise to the world.

Many years of experience makes POWERCARE Recruitment one of the preferred choices when recruiting healthcare professionals for both permanent and temporary positions in Denmark and abroad

Your next adventure starts here

The world as your workplace

POWERCARE Recruitment recruits healthcare professionals for permanent and temporary positions around the world. More than 20 years of experience means that you are safe when entrusting us to find your next adventure.

The world as your workplace

Do you wish to work abroad? Working abroad gives you the opportunity for personal development and new adventures. Remove yourself from your everyday life and experience your work from a new perspective. We can also help you secure your next permanent position. Do not hesitate to contact us and let us help you.